2016 Programs


2016 Highlight | Reel

 Cult Classics - "El Mariachi" ( USA, 81 mins., 1992) Directed by: Robert Rodriguez


This year's Cult Classic program was a fun-filled event with music by Angelito Garcia oficial an enthusiastic panel discussion by Betto Arcos ( Freelance Music/Arts Journalist), Alejandra Espasande (Filmmaker and Film Archivist) and María Elena de las Carreras, Ph.D. (Fullbright Scholar Professor and Film Critic) Thank you to CCCM and General Consulate of Mexico in Los Angeles. 


El Mariachi | Promo


El Mariachi Panel Discussion: 


El Mariachi | Panel Discussion


Please check out our Cult Classics 2016 photo gallery on Flickr:

Cult Classics: El Mariachi

Cine Sin Fronteras - "PAAX"( Mexico, 22 min., 2015) Directed by María Bello Buenfil and "Atl Tlachinolli"(SCORCHED WATER) (Mexico, 76 min, 2015)



ALT Tlachinolli

ALT Tlachinolli


This year's CSF program was the most successful to date!! Many thanks to the Mexican Consulate for hosting CSF 2016 and providing the delicious post-screening ceviche. We also like to give thanks to our guest performer David Shook , a talented poet, translator, writer, and filmmaker. Discover David's poems, articles & more  Poetry FoundationThe Huffington Post , and Los Angeles Times


David Shook's Performance: 


David Shook | Performance


We hope to see you again next year!


Cine Sin Fronteras | Promo


Please check out our CSF 2016 photo gallery on Flickr:

CSF 2016

Last Remaining Seats - "Dos tipos de cuidado" (1953)

This year LACLA successfully celebrated the Los Angeles Conservancy's 30th Last Remaining Seats Series with the classic Mexican film, "Dos tipos de cuidado," featuring Pedro Infante and Jorge Negrete. Special thanks to Lupita Infante, Las Colibrí, the Los Angeles Conservancy, Infinium Spirits, San Antonio Winery, sponsors, and volunteers!


Dos Tipos de Ciodado | Promo

Last Remaining Seats 2016: "Dos tipos de cuidado"

9th Annual LACLA Student Film Festival

LACLA's 9th Annual Student Film Festival, held at the The National Center for the Preservation of Democracy, boasted over 200 attendees, 43 student directors and their families, and 32 amazing shorts from elementary, middle, high school and community centers.

Best Film - "One Raza" by Iran Sanchez and Christian Gutierrez from Bell High School (California)
Best Screenplay - "It Takes Two" by Jacqueline Arana from Bresee Foundation
Most Creative - "The Awakening" by Danny Montoya and Melanie Marquez & the 5th Grade Class from Monte Vista Street Elementary


- (6) Advance screening tickets to X-Men: Apocalypse courtesy of 20th Century Fox
- (4) tickets to Fighting Shadows the Play co-written and performed by Richard Cabral courtesy of Paper Planes Collective
- $100 Gift card for XLanes


9th Annual Student Film Festival | Promo


Watch 2016's selections below:


9th Annual Student Film Festival

9th Student Film Festival