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Cult Classics presents: Born in East LA


LACLA celebrated the 30th Anniversary of Cheech Marin’s directorial debutBorn in East LA, followed by a panel discussion that will respond to issues raised by current immigration policies and threats of mass detainment and deportation.

Adding to the success was the evening host and panel moderator, Mark Torres, KPFK Pacifica Radio Archives Director and Co-host of Travel Tips from Aztlán. The panel discussion provided everyone with important information regarding immigration issues. The discussants were: Sandra Ruiz, Esq., Loyola Immigration Justice Clinic; Sabrina Rivera, Esq., Immigration Clinic at Western State College of Law; Oscar Torres, co-writer, Innocent Voices/Voces Inocentes; Lena Khan, film director, The Tiger Hunter. The powerful stories and experiences shared by them were sources of inspiration and models for change.

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LACLA hosted highlights from the 2017 Morelia International Film Festival. The films included Refugio (Refuge), a short film that tells the stories of two Guatemalan refugees who fled on foot to the Mexican state of Campeche on the Yucatan peninsula, and La selva negra (The Modern Jungle), a portrait of globalization filtered through the fever dream of a Mexican shaman, Don Juan, who falls under the spell of a pyramid-scheme-marketed nutritional supplement.

This year's program was curated by Dr. Jesse Lerner, Pitzer College.

We'd like to thank our sponsors and volunteers!

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Last Remaining Seats Program

Muerte de un burócrata/Death of a Bureaucrat  (Cuba, 1966)

Muerte de un burócrata/Death of a Bureaucrat (Cuba, 1966)


Tómas Gutiérrez Alea's classic dark comedy, Muerte de un burócrata, is set in the early days of Fidel Castro's Cuba, poking fun at red tape and communist bureaucracy. 

This year's program was hosted by independent radio producer and freelance music/arts journalist, Betto Arcos, and featured a special performance by guitarist, music educator, and cultural producer, Phillip Graulty, who performed pieces from the legendary Cuban composer, Leo Brouwer.


We'd like to thank the Los Angeles Conservatory, our sponsors, and all our volunteers!


Last Remaining Seats | 2017 Promo


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10th Annual Student Film Festival


10th Annual Student Film Festival | Promo


Congratulations to this year's student filmmakers and their teachers and families! This year's program included an array of genre's including fantasy, animation, music video, documentary, and social commentary.

Two new additions were featured in this years program to encourage students to pursue their passions in filmmaking: a mini-college fair and a mobile film school van. Many thanks to Mobile Film Classroom, Eve LaFountain from CalArts of Film/Video, and Miranda Meza and Golden Eagle Production members from the Department of TV, Film, and Media at Cal State LA for participating in this year's event.

We'd also like to thank our sponsors, teachers, families, and volunteers for helping support our future filmmakers.

We look forward to seeing you again at LACLA's 11th Annual Student Film Festival!


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